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With the busy holidays, this month it's a small project from Make Wall Quilts, by various designers.
Make Wall Quilts book



           Adorn Wall Quilt

                                                   October & November
Diving into the bin of charms again with Charm School.

     Sea Glass - Railroad Crossing pattern
     Lickety-Split One
     Lickety-Split Two

Sea Glass quilt, a railroad crossing pattern
Sea Glass

Lickety-Split quilt one
Lickety-Split One
Lickety-Split quilt two
Lickety-Split Two

It's all in the quilting with Making Connections - A Free Motion Quilting Workbook by Dorie Hruska.

     Video 1
     Video 2
     Video 3
     Video 4


                                                  July & August
Bring on the strips in Kate Henderson's book, Strip Savvy!

Strip Savvy quilt book


   Summer Picnic
   Open Sesame

Summer Picnic quilt
Summer Picnic
Open Sesame quilt
Open Sesame
Steps quilt

                                     May & June
Working to reduce those scraps with inspiration from Tonya Alexander and her book Stash Lab - Simple Solutions for Scrap Quilts.


Pixie Sticks quilt
                                                       Pixie Sticks
A Smaller Big Spin quilt

                                    March & April
Seeking landscape quilting direction with Lovely Landscape Quilts by Cathy Geier.

     Landscape Quilting Part 1
     Landscape Quilting Part 2
     Landscape Quilting Part 3
     Santorini Finished

                                               January & February
Starting the year with I Love Color! by Marcia Harmening.

     Finish 1, Sitka Rose  
     Progess on Perennial Pinwheels
     Finish 2, Perennial Pinwheels

Sitka Rose quilt
                                                                                    Sitka Rose

Perennial Pinwheels quilt
                                                                            Perennial Pinwheels

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