Quilt Gallery 2017

Enjoy a showcase of all my quilts from 2017! Click on the title to read about the quilt, or click on the picture to see a larger view. Feel free to pin to Pinterest!

Dresden Plate Poinsettia Coasters
Poinsettia Coasters

Fireworks wall hanging quilt

Pinwheel Ducks quilt
Pinwheel Ducks 

A Smaller Big Spin quilt
A Smaller Big Spin

     Ducks in the Pond quilt
  Ducks in the Pond


                  Pixie Sticks quilt
              Pixie Sticks


     Garden Stars

Diamond Chevrons

        Squares in Squares

Perennial Pinwheels
        Purple Passionflower

Violet Riot

                Purple and Pink

Sitka Rose quilt
Sitka Rose

               Holly and Berries quilt
            Holly and Berries

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