Quilt Gallery 2016

A showcase of all my quilts for the year 2016! Click on the title to read the post about the quilt, or click on the picture to see a larger view. Feel free to pin to Pinterest. Enjoy!

Scrap Strata

         A Kid's Christmas

Home for Christmas front

   Home for Christmas back


     Double Jumble Butterfly

Double Jumble Turtles quilt
Double Jumble Turtles
        Saw Tooth Flowers quilt
       Saw Tooth Flowers

Hoppy green

Hoppy pink


      Seed Mix

Polar Ice


          Shadow Block 

 This and That quilt
This and That

              Tile Works quilt
Tile Works

Licorice Medley quilt
Licorice Medley

    Holiday Forest runner
Holiday Forest

Breaking Up quilt
Breaking Up

     Baby Alternating Blocks quilt
    Baby Alternating Blocks

Baby Tango quilt
Baby Tango

       Tiny Bits in Red quilt
    Tiny Bits in Red

Aunt Bea in Mauve quilt
Aunt Bea in Mauve


       Aunt Bea in Blue quilt
Aunt Bea in Blue

Confluence quilt

        Little Bit of Sweetness quilt
      Little Bit of Sweetness

Jagged quilt

     Nickel Bricks quilt
Nickel Bricks

Light at the End
Light at the End of the Spiral

        Lone Starburst quilt
     Lone Starburst

Perfect Pinless Pinwheels quilt
Perfect Pinless Pinwheels

Roundabout quilt

Heart to Heart runner
Heart to Heart

Love Abounds runner
Love Abounds v2

Quilt to Give

Love Abounds runner
Love Abounds

     Interlude quilt

           Simply Woven Version quilt
         Simply Woven Version

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